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Some more recommendations

I found a bunch of stories today (oh Google, how I love thee) and wanted to rec them here.

Title: Multiple titles - this is a collection of drabbles plus one vid.
Author: aphrodite_mine 
Word Count: 300 and up
Description: Absolutely beautiful and lyrical description that make me salivate as a reader, and burn with envy as a writer.  Here's a tidbit from Forget, Forget.  The link goes to the author's archive page of all entries tagged "blackswan".  Ratings vary.

Count it out without moving your lips and you have it, the perfect arch of your arms, stretch of your leg, further than the last time, always. You watch her, can't help it. That careless sway, how she falls out of rhythm and steps back in, her mouth open, hair swaying long. He watches her too, when he should be watching you. He should be watching you hit this jump just right, the arch of your back in John's hands, the loose tug of your leotard around your hips.

Title: Lanthanide
Author: copperized 
Word Count: 434
Description: Another beautifully written short story, from Lily's POV.  Haunting and lovely.  Rated PG-13 but got my blood pressure up anyway.

There was a time during rehearsal when Lily watched the curve of Nina’s spine as she bent her upper back. Her face chaste, and serene. If she had to be honest, the sight took her breath away.

Title: sans le fear of impending doom
Author: pretendpassion 
Word Count: 1,170
Description: "It feels like freedom."  One of those stories where you're never quite sure what's real and what isn't. 

When Nina wakes up in the hospital, she does so with sore eyes and a numbness in her arms and legs.

She tries to sit. Most pieces of her body are numb, actually. She can’t feel any inch of her legs and this does not startle her at all until she thinks of Beth and her awful, awful condition. She pulls the covers off of herself as frantically as she can, yelping at the pain that shoots through her midsection.

: Tours en l'air
Author: robotjen 
Word Count: 1,400
Description: "On Nina's rehabilitation."  A sharply drawn series of vignettes, the final scene is definitely NSFW.

She sometimes catches Lily watching her from across the stage, and whether it's admiration, or envy, or something else in her eyes, Nina doesn't know. What she knows is that Lily doesn't look away immediately. She knows that Lily smiles in a way that Nina must still remember from a dream she once had.

Over on, there are now 18 stories for Black Swan!  Of the new stuff, there's one M-rated fic that just completely blew me away.  I think I wandered off, stared at a wall for twenty minutes, and then sat down and wrote a thousand more words on Coda.  Don't be frightened off by the title - it's pretty clearly not just sex.

Title: It's Just Sex
Author: wickedbeauty95
Word Count: 539
Description:  "Only when she is in Lily's presence does Nina allow her Black Swan out to play." 



That's all that had ever passed between them.

Or, so it seemed.

Perhaps, once in a while, Lily would let her piercing green eyes focus on the pulse point of Nina's neck, longing to sink her teeth into the fair flesh. Or possibly, on a rare occasion, Nina might run a hand through her mouse brown locks while allowing her gaze to wander appreciatively along the curve of Lily's hip.

No one knew. No one needed to know.

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