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prompt fest '11!
black swan--black
kaitou_lili wrote in blackswan_fic
Hey All!

anissa7118 had perhaps the best idea ever! With the upcoming DVD release of the Black Swan DVD on March 8th (so exciting!), we figured a prompt list/table/whatever would be fun.

So, I'm introducing Black Swan Prompt Fest 2011! (tag: #promptfest11). To get it going, I figured I'd open up this post for prompt submittals. It can be anything! Have a word you want to have someone write as a prompt? Awesome. Have a full on sentence/mini paragraph? We love that too!

After a few days, I'll build the actual prompt table/list/whatever and then people can write and claim and it'll just be plain old fun! So, bring on the prompt...I know that I'm looking forward to filling someone's prompt!

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this isn't a prompt, but...

...can I just say that I am MASSIVELY EXCITED ABOUT THIS? ♥

Re: this isn't a prompt, but...

Hee! Excitement is pretty awesome too! ;-)

I'm terribly excited, too!

Just to start things off, I'm bringing over the prompts from the Porn Battle. Since we're not breaking this out by pairing, I'll just put all the unused prompts together.

once, touch, obsession, aftermath, dance, ecstasy, frenemy, healing, haunting, dreams, cigarettes, lipstick, sweat, sugar, escape, mirror, rehearsal, nightmare, smirk, happy ending, blur, subversive, perfection, dance, learning, fear, darkness, fluidity, turn-on, loosen, pink, vanilla, mother, teddy bear, black, dark, claim, dominate, princess

Love these! Might try my hand at combining a couple of prompts together. Thanks so much! ♥

By all means, do! I was so sad that only 2 fics got written for the PB.

nina/thomas, but I crumble completely when you cry, / it seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye

nina/thomas, if you could only see the beast you've made of me

You might have already got this table labeled and ready to go, but I was thinking that the few fics that I've had the pleasure of reading seem to have Nina as the one more inclined to unleash her sexual outbursts in the form of the Black Swan.
I'd like to see Lily be the dominant one, whether by full on seduction either during the movie or after the events of the movie or even a darker fic with Lily taking advantage of Nina's fragile state of mind. Another option would be an AU with Lily being the 'Director' of Swan Lake and a girl version of the seduction/molestation/sexual-harassment scene from the movie. If you can get an author willing to go past 5,000 words that would be sweet, but 1,500 works for a one-shot too (I suppose ;) .

I am probably going to write that AU. It's all your fault that I'm seeing it in my head, and the opening lines have written themselves. Whether it winds up part of this challenge (the DVD release got pushed back to March 29th, I see) or something separate, it's most likely gonna happen at some point.

Plot bunnies breed like, well, rabbits.

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