la fille du vent (ryuuvictoire) wrote in blackswan_fic,
la fille du vent

Salut! A gift of fic.

Title : Giselle
Author : ryuuvictoire
Word Count : 2500 just about
Description: Nina/Lily, Rated PG13 (I guess?), Post-movie, unfinished, updates should be steady coming. Thanks for the read! Comments always appreciated.

Teaser :: [ACT 1 AND 2] ~ Lily’s hand trails along Nina’s arm for no more than a brief moment. Nonetheless through the soft fabric of the black sweater Nina feels the feather light touch and shivers.

ACT 3 ~ “Sounds good. It’s important feel at home.” her therapists hesitates before continuing, checking her papers. “Last time you were here you mentioned going out to dinner with... with...another dancer at the Co-”

“Lily.” Nina interrupts.

“Have you been out since?”

Tags: character: nina
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